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1989-1991 Lee Strasberg Institute (London) with Mariana Hill/David Bennett


1991-1998 Member of Lost Theatre


1993-1994 The Theatre Factory  (London) with Michael Wycherik


1998-1998 Waterman’s Art Centre with Chris Barton


2006-2010 BA (Hons) Drama and English (Surrey University)

Also various courses at The Actors' Centre (London), and City Lit (London)

Spotlight:  1019-4533-5343



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Personal Details



Height:                5' 6"

Hair:                    Medium Brown (Tint)

Vital statistics:      47-42-49

Eyes:                   Blue-Green

Dress size:           18

Age range:           38-52

Shoe size:            5.5

Vocal range:         Mezzo/Alto (G2-E6)

Tattoos:               None

Piercings:             Ears

     CV (2pp)        Z-Card

Editorial character photographics - Bella, Best, Take a Break, Woman, Sunday Times, That's Life

Photographers: David Lane, Robin Beckham, David Porter, Tim Sullivan, Bill Norton, Rory Carnegie)

  • Off Balance? Bella, 1996 (David Porter)

  • A Fat Lot of Good? Sunday Times magazine, 1996 (Tim O'Sullivan)

  • Don't Mess With Us! Haringey Council (Anti-litter campaign), 1996 (Unknown Photographer)

  • Women! Know Your Limits! Harry Enfield and his Humorous Chums, 1997

  • Good Life: 3 New Miracle Cures to Guarantee Weight Loss Best, 11.05.99 Issue 18 (Robin Beckham)

  • Can't Lose Weight? It's not your Fault Best, 18.05.99 Issue 19 (Robin Beckham)

  • My True Secret - Megan's Story, A bullied kid never forgets... That's Life, 21.02.02 Issue 7 (Robin Beckham)

  • So Tasty... That's Life, 08.07.04 Issue 27 (Robin Beckham)

  • Achy Breaky Hearts That's Life, 09.09.04 Issue 36 (Robin Beckham)

  • I Want to be Fat That's Life, 07.10.04 Issue 40 (Jez Spoftito)

  • Chrissie’s Story:  No Flies on me! That’s Life  25.10.07 Issue 43 (Robin Beckham)

  • ...Sexy At 49 - Just like J-Lo The Sun 05.11.2018 (Stewart Williams)

The rest

Stage Mgr Dark of the Moon (Lost), Co-writer/Co-director Lost Cause Revue (Lost)

Asst Musical Director Love of a Nightingale (Theatre Factory)

Wardrobe/Design Street Cries (Camden People's Theatre)

Co-Director/Design The Box Office (Lost), Director The Demon (St Margaret's)

Sound Assistant The Road (Ata, Theatre Royal Drury Lane)

Director Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (St Mary’s)


Singer - (Alto) blues, rhythm'n'blues, jazz, rock, pop, gospel, soul, choral, acapella, operetta.  Able to read music, good with harmonies, learning songs/music fast. Member of band Rim of the World (1994-1996). 

Work with artists Jane & Louise Wilson, and Naomi Fitzsimmons.


Mobile DJ (CD/MP3) and Karaoke Host since 2002.


Accents - Various UK native London, US, European and Australian.

Full British driving licence


Claire trained with Marianna Hill and David Bennett at the Lee Strasburg Institute, before joining the LOST Youth Theatre Company in the early 1990s, working many times with its founder, Cecil Hayter.  It is here she found her first experiences and foundations on stage, as well as her work ethic, in an, "all hands on deck" environment that encouraged the idea any production is made up by a team of equal parts - that no one person is less important than another.  As well as appearing in several productions at LOST, other theatre includes revues, musicals, classical theatre, panto, comedies and dramas, including performances for The Theatre Factory (under Michael Wycerik), Waterman's Theatre Group (under Chris Barton), and performances at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and Her Majesty's Theatre in the Haymarket with Ata Productions.  She cites the latter experience - which involved her first time singing solo for an audience of over 1200 - as one of the most thrilling experiences of her life!

Claire has also worked in the film/television industry for over 25 years, including several music videos, television shows, and short/feature films.  She has also been in a few bands and choirs (currently with Real Voices), and loves to sing.  She has also done a number of photographic jobs, most often in weekly magazines such as Bella, Best, Take A Break, Woman, etc.


Claire has directed a few theatre productions and student films, which she enjoys, as she likes to support and encourage others. 

(Last updated 29 January 2018)

A FEW Recommendations


"Little Voice": 

...interaction with Sadie (Claire Driver) was particularly enjoyable while she bossed her around the stage.  Claire did a fantastic job of expressing emotions while remaining silent, using remarkable facial expressions similar to actors in silent films.


"How The Vote was Won & Other Plays": 

Claire Driver... was playing Irish; I thought she was Irish... then, as Mrs Holbrook… with a whole different accent... her physicality changed so much you couldn't really tell she was the same person, which was just brilliant."